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About Us

Al Ahliya Est. has played an active part on the Gulf recruitment scene by providing a range of high-quality manpower services to companies in the GCC & Jordan. Established in 1986, the company follows a rigorous vetting process to find and train the best international manpower for its clients. With its operational expertise, strict adherence to quality, and extraordinary staff, Al Ahliya Est. has become synonymous with efficiency, competency and innovative performance in the Gulf recruitment sector.


It all started with a simple but informal discussion between a few friends. The discussion turned into an intense analysis of what was missing in the Gulf and Jordan recruitment sector. Over the last decade, recruitment in the Gulf and Jordan had expanded but the process remained the same. The advent of the internet made it easy to find qualified staff but competing agencies and price competition had resulted in an overall lowering of quality service from employment agencies.

Al Ahliya Est. was set up with the aim of bridging this gap through quality and commitment.

We set about starting an agency that would be based on ethical hiring practices, professional vetting techniques and quality delivery procedures based on client needs. After a short period, companies in the Gulf noted our commitment to customer service. They realized that changing times required new hiring techniques which we already adopted. Over the two decades that we have been an active service, we have worked with almost every company in the GCC as well as Jordan. We are now one of the premier employment agencies in the Gulf and more importantly, we have a reputation for delivering the clients requests.


Drawing on our expertise and current hiring trends, we ensure that all pre-selected workers are subject to intensive and actual performance tests. These tests determine their skill levels and core competencies with relevance to the jobs being requested by clients.

Apart from core competencies, we also ensure that potential employees pass through an intensive medical, physical and psychological examination at accredited medical centers in their respective countries.

With this commitment to quality and business ethics, you can rest assured that you are getting the most fitting candidate for the desired job description.


Our core objectives are simple: commitment to quality and customer needs. However, we also ensure that you, as the client, are happy with our business practices, hiring standards, and work model. When you sign up with us, you get all this and much more.

  • We ensure that our clients are given priority. We respond to every client need and adapt to changing times to ensure maximum innovation and operating efficiency.
  • Employees are vetted according to client requirements. However, we also work to develop the potential of promising candidates and work to provide a beneficial atmosphere for self-development and personal growth.

We also ensure that candidates are protected. Our code of conduct also ensures that employees get the best.

  • We ensure that your CV is not sent without your express permission. We discuss potential jobs with you to determine your fitness for the job.
  • Potential employees are provided accurate guidance and help on finding the right opportunity for their educational requirements.

We promise the best for our clients and candidates.

Get in touch with us online, through email, or phone and we will be glad to match your requirements with the right candidate.

Our Services

As an all-service company, Al Ahliya Est. prides itself on being one of the best recruitment agencies in the Gulf. We recognize that every company and each candidate is individual with unique requirements and skill sets. We offer a variety of services connecting more than 400,000 candidates in every sector with appropriate clients every day. Our areas of expertise include permanent placement, talent development, head hunting, career transitions and consultant hiring.