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We set up Al Ahliya Est. in 1986 as a small staffing company that provided employees to a few companies in the GCC and Jordan. However, our commitment to quality and hard work made us popular through word-of-mouth publicity. With more than three decades of experience in recruitment for several sectors in the Gulf and Jordan, we are confident that we can provide the right candidates for every job.


Our objective is to satisfy clients and candidates. We treasure our relationship with both and we strive to ensure utmost fulfillment. Here is how we usually work with clients and candidates.

Step # 1 - You get in touch with us or we get in touch with you.

Step # 2 - We search in our data bank to find exactly what you are looking for. We deal with long-term career opportunities, lateral movement, and consultant hiring as well. To fulfill specific niche hiring, we may even advertise in print and electronic media.

Step # 3 - Applications are received and screened.

Step # 4 - Candidates are screened by pre-application interviews

Step # 5 - Practical tests are carried out to verify candidate’s aptitude and skills.

Step # 6 - Resumes are verified and forwarded to employers.

Step # 7 - At this stage, our HR managers may also sit down and discuss job expectations with potential candidates.

Step # 8 - Final interview with employer is carried out.

Step # 9 - Candidates are hired and then sent for a complete medical examination.

Step # 10 - Visas and passports formalities are carried out.

Step # 11 - Immigration formalities are completed

Step # 12 - Job and company orientation is completed

Step # 13 - Candidate joins the company.

As you can see, our intensive hiring and verification process ensures that the right person is selected for a job. With our hard work and talented staff, candidates are matched to the perfect position in the right company.

OUR VISION IS SIMPLE: Partner with us at Al AhliyaEst.

  1. We plan to become one of the best recruitment agencies in the Gulf as well as Jordan. We already have several Fortune 500 companies as our clients. By the end of the coming decade, we plan to expand our basic infrastructure into almost every GCC country as well as Jordan.
  2. We currently have a very strong and talented team working for us. We plan to expand our team to find professionals in every sector to deal with every hiring need.
  3. With our extensive database of trained personnel and continuous evaluation procedures, we can satisfy hiring requirements for small and large companies at the click of a button. This could be an exciting time for both clients and candidates.


We welcome you to get in touch with us. Email us with your requirements and we will get back to you in less than six hours. A personal account manager will work with you to ensure utmost satisfaction.

Our Services

As an all-service company, Al Ahliya Est. prides itself on being one of the best recruitment agencies in the Gulf. We recognize that every company and each candidate is individual with unique requirements and skill sets. We offer a variety of services connecting more than 400,000 candidates in every sector with appropriate clients every day. Our areas of expertise include permanent placement, talent development, head hunting, career transitions and consultant hiring.